Congratulations to the newly weds! May God send his blessings to you and the family you are about to start. The Cathedral Basilica parish strives to prepare you for a your wedding ceremony. Below, you will find more information on:

Flower/Decorations, Wedding Attire, Photo/Video Guidelines, Music, Rehearsal, Facilities, Parking, and Prohibitions

For your wedding to go smoothly, you should have received a booklet titled Together for Life, which contains the scripture readings that may be used in the ceremony and the texts for the Marriage Rite. When meeting with the priest or deacon who will be witnessing your marriage, you should discuss the readings and any other questions regarding your ceremony.

The Cathedral does not provide candelabra. Candelabra used in the Sanctuary for decoration must have glass shields to prevent dripping wax or being blown out by the ventilation system.  The glass shields must be taller than the candles.  Candelabra or candles may not be placed down the aisle or attached to the pews.

The Cathedral will provide altar candles. Wedding programs are acceptable but are done by and at the expense of the couple.

“Love must be sincere. Hate what is evil; cling to what is good. Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves.”

– Romans 12:9-10

Flowers & Decoration

The Cathedral does not provide decorations or storage, so delivery and removal must be made the day of the wedding.

An aisle runner and the tossing of flower petals are not allowed at the Cathedral for safety reasons.

Set up times are as follows for each wedding –
9:00 am for the 10:00 am wedding; 12:45 pm for the 1:30 pm wedding; and 5:30 pm for the 6:30 pm wedding.

Florist Guidelines

  • Must check with the wedding coordinator regarding a suitable time for delivery.
  • Must deliver flowers on the east side of the Cathedral to the set of double wooden doors just behind Mary’s Garden.
  • Staff will not sign for any items and are not liable for any items.
  • Christian liturgy is marked by elegance and simplicity. 90% of weddings at the Cathedral, only used flowers for the bride’s bouquet and the bridesmaid’s flowers.

Decoration Guidelines

  • For pew decorations, no tape or tacks are permitted. You may use pew clips, may tie ribbon around the pew, or hang items with pipe cleaners.
  • There are 23 pews on each side of the main aisle.
  • All decorations must be prepared prior to their arrival to the Cathedral.
  • Remove the decorations immediately, including candelabra, pew bows, ring pillows, etc. Please assign this duty to someone in your wedding party. We are not responsible for any items left in the Cathedral.
  • Please be careful of hot, liquid candle wax.
  • If items have been forgotten, please have someone call the parish office on the Monday after the wedding to arrange for pickup.

Wedding Attire

Please keep in mind the solemnity and dignity of your wedding ceremony.  Even though current fashions can be very revealing, there are many choices that can be made for the bridal gown and bridesmaids’ dresses.  If the top is very bare, you should consider wearing a small jacket or a shawl (quite often an option for the bridesmaids’ dresses).

If you have any questions regarding these guidelines, please feel free to contact us at 303-831-7010 or email

Photo & Video Guidelines

The designated photographer must consult the wedding coordinator at the Cathedral before the ceremony.

Common Rules

  • Make a list of photos you want and inform those you want in the photos to not leave the Cathedral until photos are taken
  • Must be done quickly and quietly, because you are in Church and other services may be in progress
  • Do not greet guests, you will be able to do that at the reception
  • Spontaneous photography by the guests are strictly prohibited, “Roving” photographers/videographers are not allowed

Posed Photography Times

  • 15 minutes while guests arrive
  • 30 minutes after the ceremony if ceremony is not delayed, ceremony must start on time

Photography Locations

  • All photos must be taken at the main altar (the lower altar)

Photographer Limits

  • Photographs in front of the high altar is not allowed due to the Blessed Sacrament
  • Walking in the Sanctuary, moving any furniture, candleholders or chairs are not allowed
  • Camera lights, strobe lights, and umbrella lights are not allowed
  • The photographer may take pictures of the wedding party coming down from aisle from the center break of the church, not from the front. Once the Bride is at the steps  of the Sanctuary, the photographer may not move around during the ceremony
  • The photographer and/or videographer must remain inconspicuous. The video camera must be placed on a tripod, and remain stationary. The best location for camera or video is the west side altar, the Sacred Heart altar. Photographs may also be taken from the choir loft. The videographer may not sit while in the Sanctuary.


All parts of the liturgy are expected to conform to the Church’s standards for noble, sacred and appropriate expressions of prayer and celebration.  As such, although many tastes in music are expressed by those approaching the sacrament of Marriage, the decisions on what is appropriate and fitting for the liturgical celebration, and the sacred setting, will ultimately be dependent upon the experience and knowledge of the clergy and staff of the Cathedral.  For this reason, Mr. Phil Bordeleau, the Director of Sacred Music, will offer assistance and recommendations.

The wedding fee of $1650 for the Cathedral includes the services of a Cathedral Organist and vocalist. If additional or other musicians are desired (e.g. trumpet, violin, flute, harp, etc.), arrangements can be made with several musicians who have performed at the Cathedral repeatedly. Their fees will be in addition to the wedding fee and has to be paid directly to the individuals who will be playing at the wedding. All musicians who perform at the Cathedral Basilica need approval from the Director of Sacred  Music.

The best way to contact Phil Bordeleau is by email at or by telephone at 303.831.7010

“This is a great mystery, but I speak in reference to Christ and the church. In any case, each one of you should love his wife as himself, and the wife should respect her husband.”

– St. Paul to the Ephesians 5:32-33


The rehearsal is usually a day or two prior to the wedding, and is usually booked at the time the wedding is booked.

Please be on time, and please advise all of your wedding party that they must be on time.  One hour is reserved for the rehearsal, so come prepared.  Other rehearsals or events may precede or follow your rehearsal.

The Cathedral Director of Worship will handle the rehearsal.  Outside wedding coordinators cannot come and run the rehearsal at the Cathedral.

The Cathedral organist does not attend the rehearsal.

Prior to the rehearsal, the couple should decide upon the type of procession for the wedding as detailed in the Together for Life booklet, and as follows:

  • Both bride and groom accompanied by parents, preceded by groomsmen, bridesmaids and presiding clergy;
  • Bride accompanied by father and groom accompanied by parents preceded by groomsmen, bridesmaids and presiding clergy;
  • Or another variation of the procession that you should discuss with the celebrant, for his approval prior to the rehearsal.


Bridal Room – The bridal room is for the convenience of the bride and her attendants.   The bridesmaids should come fully dressed, but there is room for the bride to put on her dress, as well as sufficient mirrors for touching up hair and makeup.   All belongings must be removed before the ceremony begins.  We suggest that you have one person remove all items and lock them in the trunk of a car, prior to coming into the Cathedral.  Please be in the vestibule ten minutes before the beginning of the wedding.

We do not have a separate room for the groom and his groomsmen.

The Cathedral is not liable for lost or stolen items in the Cathedral proper or any other church area.


There are 14 parking spaces in the lot just east of Mary’s Garden.  Additional parking may be found on the streets around the Cathedral or in parking lots that charge for their use.  Parking is not allowed in the alley next to the Cathedral since it is a fire lane.

You may contact Mary Jette at Hall & Hall at 303-832-4721 to discuss reserving a parking lot on Logan Street.  Please contact Hall & Hall before you print your invitations with any parking information in them, because they have specific instructions, and you must negotiate a rate for the use of their parking lot.



Rice, confetti, birdseed, etc. may not be thrown inside or outside the Cathedral by Denver City Ordinance.

The sound system is not available for cassette playing or any other electronic device.

The doors to the Cathedral cannot be locked during the ceremony.

Liturgy/song books cannot be removed from the pews.