Restoration of the Ages

October 23, 2021

The Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception is one of Denver’s dearest landmarks, and it is in desperate need of repair. Father Ron Cattany, Pastor and Rector of the Cathedral, launched a capital campaign Oct. 22, the feast day of St. John Paul II, to raise $2.4 million to repair the spires and Colfax facade of the Cathedral, which are in dire shape. As a 104-year-old building, the Cathedral has undergone a number of renovations during its lifespan, but not one of this caliber. Construction of the scaffƒolding began Sept. 19, and the project is well under way.

The Cathedral is much more than just the mother church of the archdiocese, Father Cattany said. Each day, over 140 visitors enter through the golden doors to revel in its beautiful architecture and pray in its solemn silence. It’s a quiet refuge in the midst of bustling downtown Denver, and Father Cattany wants to ensure it remains open for all to enjoy, even during construction. “This is a place of prayer, it’s a place of praise, it’s a place of peace, and it’s a place of preservation.” Father Cattany said. “This place is a special gift to everyone. It is a place that we want everyone to visit, to enjoy, to celebrate and to love.”

Learn more from excerpts on the restoration from the Denver Catholic newspaper or the videos below!

One of the grape clusters fell over the Holy Door. I thank God that when it fell, it fell at a time when nobody was there to get hurt. God’s providence always gets us the right message at the right time, and it’s our job to respond.”

– Father Ron Cattany

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