Thirty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time

“Prayer is the rudder that guides Jesus’ course. Prayer is first of all an encounter with God. The problems of everyday life, then, do not become obstacles, but appeals from God Himself to listen  to and encounter those who are in front of us. Secondly, Jesus teaches us that prayer is an art that must be practiced with insistence. Thirdly, Jesus’ prayer is always solitary. Every person needs a space for him- or herself, to be able to cultivate the inner life, where actions find meaning. Finally, prayer as taught by Jesus is the place where we find that everything comes from God and returns to Him. Peace and joy is what we will find if we follow Jesus’ example of prayer.” — Pope Francis

Is your Prayer Life…Second Nature…or A Struggle?


Because Jesus is One With His Heavenly Father,  He wants to be One With Us.


And perhaps we accomplish this through Our Prayer Life. 


For some, FORMAL PRAYER becomes hypnotic and is ultimately discarded.


For some, CONVERSATIONAL PRAYER makes Jesus part of every moment of every day. 


Jesus began every act of His Ministry with Prayer. Through Prayer, He proved that Nothing is Impossible With God. 


For You and Me, Prayer can move us through the Lived Experience of Daily Life…powered by Faith, driven by Trust, and encased in Gratitude. 


That PRAYER can be reduced to SEVEN important, if not challenging, WORDS…I Love You, I’m Sorry, Thank You…repeated throughout the day…


How do we do this?


>When we wake up, we THANK Jesus for the day. We offer all of our joys, works, sufferings, and hopes of that day known only to Him. 


>Then, tell him what you need to do that day…NOT THE OUTCOMES JUST THE TASKS…that’s where FAITH comes in. 


>As you go through the day, you live the list. BUT WITH EACH TASK, whether it requires your brain or your brawn, ASK JESUS HOW TO DO IT ..that’s TRUST IN HIS PREFERRED OUTCOME.. not yours. 


>With each completed job or sub task, THANK HIM…for completing the Scoping Memo, Painting the Living Room, or Finding a Parking Space. Jesus not only wants to be PART OF ALL YOU DO, He wants to THANK HIS HEAVENLY FATHER for the talents GOD HAS GIVEN YOU to do each of these activities. 


>At the end of the day, in your EXAMEN: Ask Jesus To Forgive You for the ways in which you  hurt His Heavenly Father and  Others during that day; Review with Jesus all of the major events of the day;

Thank Him For The Outcomes even if they are incomplete; Notice The People And Events And Circumstances that HE USED to bring about those outcomes; and Ask Him for the GRACE TO ENDURE HIS RESOLUTIONS of Your Issues…that’s GRATITUDE.

>Tell Jesus what you know to be left Unfinished For Tomorrow, and Ask Jesus to Guide You in FAITH and TRUST.

>Then, go to Sleep!

Over time, this becomes the most CONSUMING WAY to grow in Relationship with Jesus Christ. He becomes part of Everything You Do and Everything You Are. HE IS ANYWAY…SO, CONVERSATIONAL PRAYER WILL ALLOW YOU TO ACKNOWLEDGE THIS REALITY!



REMEMBER, SLEEP-WALKING through the day or BENIGN ACCEPTANCE, with No Thank You, No Apology, No Unconditional Love regardless of the outcome…IS NOT PRAYER!


The JOY AND PEACE OF CONVERSATIONAL PRAYER FULFILLS…even when the outcome is difficult. 


Through this Lived Experience of Divine Intervention in Every Day Life, Prayer does become… SECOND NATURE…

+May God Bless You and Keep You+