Thirty-Second Sunday in Ordinary Time

“Choose purity, meekness and mercy while entrusting ourselves to the Lord and dedicating ourselves to justice and peace….hope for God’s comfort. The meek…know how to control themselves…leave space for the other, they listen to the other, respect the other’s way of living, his or her needs and requests. They do not intend to overwhelm or diminish the other. They do not want to dominate or impose their ideas or interests to the detriment of others. Meekness is the way to go forward with humility and mercy. This means going against the current in respect to this world’s mentality, in respect to the culture of possessing, of meaningless fun, of arrogance against the weakest. The personal and universal vocation to holiness…proposes…that each person walks in a unique and unrepeatable way, according to the ‘imagination’ of the Holy Spirit.” — Pope Francis



What Virtues DO YOU CARRY as you walk on YOUR SPIRITUAL JOURNEY?

Jesus taught us the Our Father with three deliberate Petitions:
>First to GIVE US — The World — what we need for Physical and Spiritual Nourishment.
>Second to FORGIVE US — You and Me — for our Sins Against God and Others.
>Third to GIVE FOREGIVENESS — Friend and Foe — to Those Who Hurt Us.
Central to each of these is LOVE — For God and For Others…AND OURSELVES.
But why is this SO HARD?
Maybe it is because we FAIL TO REMEMBER  that Jesus Loves You and Jesus Forgives You. REALLY! And, more importantly, perhaps YOU HAVE NOT LEARNED to Accept That Forgiveness.
THE ANSWER? Simply LOVE JESUS and let Him WORK WITH YOU and WORK THROUGH YOU…to Give Praise To God and to Love Others…JESUS WILL DO THE REST!
The FAILURE NOT ONLY TO RECOGNIZE BUT TO LIVE THIS REALITY denies God’s LOVE and MERCY FOR YOU…robs YOU of the JOY as a Beloved Child of God…and prevents YOU from being CHRIST TO OTHERS. 
Perhaps to BE CHRIST, we have to LEARN CHRIST…
Teach me, my Lord, to be sweet and gentle in all the events of life — in disappointments, in the thoughtlessness of those I trusted, in the unfaithfulness of those on whom I relied. 
Let me put myself aside, to think of the happiness of others, to hide my little pains and heartaches, so that I may be the only one to suffer from them. 
Teach me to profit by the suffering that comes across my path. Let me so use it that it may make me patient, not irritable. That it may make me broad in my forgiveness, not narrow, haughty and overbearing. 
May no one be less good for having come within my influence. No one less pure, less true, less kind, less noble for having been a fellow traveler in our journey toward Eternal Life. 
As I go my rounds from one distraction to another, let me whisper from time to time, a word of love to Thee. 
May my life be lived in the supernatural, full of power for good, and strong in its purpose of sanctity.

Maybe we don’t LEARN CHRIST because we are carrying MORE THAN JESUS WANTS US TO CARRY…more Baggage and less Virtue…Spiritually and Emotionally…
Maybe we have to just LET GO…and TRUST…AND LOVE…
+May God Bless You and Keep You+