Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

“The cross is the badge that shows who we are: our speaking, thinking, looking, working is under the sign of the cross, that is under the sign of the love of Jesus to the end. …Receive the sign of the cross on your ears to hear the voice of the Lord”; “On the eyes to see the splendor of the face of God”; “On the mouth, to answer the word of God”; “On the chest, because Christ dwells through faith in your hearts”; “On the shoulders, to support the gentle yoke of Christ. – Pope Francis



This Weekend we welcome our RCIA SISTERS AND BROTHERS into the full community of the CATHOLIC CHURCH…WELCOME HOME!

Today, YOU become a Disciple of Jesus Christ!

And I want to thank Lauren Scheller, our Faith Formation Coordinator, your Sponsors, your Family, and your Friends whose lives bear witness to their faith, and why they are Catholics.

Saint Paul teaches that to be a Christian means to live in a radically different way than the way offered by the secular society that surrounds us. Being a Christian means acquiring a new mind and heart—the mind and heart of Jesus Christ —as we journey toward God’s Kingdom.

Over the last nine months, through a very difficult time in our World, together we have  encountered Jesus through Sacred Scripture, immersion into the Tradition of the Catholic Christian community, and the  discovery of the Risen Jesus in the Seven Sacraments. This beautiful ancient Rite that we experience today…in its original order – BAPTISM CONFIRMATION EUCHARIST… is a true conversion, a transformation…from being of the world to being of God…the culmination of your study, exploration, faith-sharing, and faith formation.

And it began with YOU… through the movement of the Holy Spirit. YOU came here seeking more in your Spiritual Journey. Then YOU were accepted into the Worshiping Community. Then YOU spent time learning and being formed in the Traditions and Doctrine of the Catholic Church. Then YOU were chosen to receive the Sacraments of Initiation.

And now YOU, with YOUR NEW CHURCH FAMILY, will continue to explore the deep mystery of our Faith and help build the reign of God on Earth as INTENTIONAL DISCIPLES!


Today is NOT THE END of your Journey, but the BEGINNING OF A LIFETIME JOURNEY. The same SPIRIT that brought YOU here nine months ago is now alive in you…bring YOU to the next level — a PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP WITH JESUS CHRIST…BODY, BLOOD, SOUL, AND DIVINITY…a relationship with the One who knew YOU from the Beginning of Time…the One who wants YOU to spend eternity with HIS HEAVENLY FATHER.


But this Journey continues to unfold…through the Holy Spirit…

That is why ALL we do begins with the Sign of the Cross.

In BAPTISM, YOU and I are marked with the Cross — the one Jesus carried and the personal Cross he asks each of us to carry — as the outward sign of the Christian way of facing life.

But this Journey continues to unfold…through the Holy Spirit…

It is the Sacrament of Reconciliation that determines the efficacy of all the other Sacraments in your life. The State of Grace in your Soul greets each Sacrament. If your Soul is clouded with sin, we diminish the Spiritual Nourishment God wants to give us. GRACE BUILDS UPON GRACE.

But this Journey continues to unfold…through the Holy Spirit…

In CONFIRMATION, it is the Holy Spirit who brings to fulfillment in YOU the FRUITS AND GIFTS necessary for the JOURNEY OF YOUR LIFE. In this Sacrament, YOU are anointed with the Holy Spirit who keeps YOU connected to Jesus and makes YOU want to be like him as you accept the MISSION GOD PLANNED FOR YOUR LIFE FROM THE BEGINNING OF TIME…allowing Him to work WITH YOU and THROUGH YOU…for yourself and others.

But this Journey continues to unfold…through the Holy Spirit…

In the EUCHARIST, we experience the SOURCE AND SUMMIT of Our Faith. The REAL PRESENCE OF JESUS in the Eucharist satisfies the deepest desires of our hearts for the One who loves us, for the One who saved us, for the One who intercedes for us, and for the One who knows us better than we know ourselves.

But this Journey continues to unfold…through the Holy Spirit…

This is YOU – our RCIA Sisters and Brothers, and the Church Families of The Cathedral Basilica and St Elizabeth, who are beloved Children of God, chosen for Christ, living in God’s Mercy, reflected in his Love — the Body and Blood of his Son in the Eucharist, to give YOU the Spiritual Nourishment to be his DISCIPLE in your everyday life…

As we accompany each other on the path that leads to God’s Glory…


+May God Bless You and Keep You+