Father’s Day

Twelfth Sunday in Ordinary Time

“Every family needs a father. The first need is this: that a father be present in a family. That he be close to his wife, sharing everything—joy and sorrow, hope and hardship. And that he be close to his children as they grow—when they play and when they strive, when they are carefree and when they are distressed, when they are talkative and when they are silent, when they are daring and when they are afraid, when they take a wrong step, and when they find their path again: a father who is always present. To say ‘present’ is not to say ‘controlling.’ Fathers who are too controlling stifle the spirit of their children; they don’t let them develop. Fathers must be patient. A good father knows how to wait, and he knows how to forgive from the depths of his heart. Certainly, he also knows how to correct with firmness: he is not a weak father, submissive and sentimental. The father who knows how to correct without humiliating is the one who knows how to protect without sparing himself…All of this is, of course, not easy, so Fathers need God. Without the grace that comes from the Father who is in Heaven, fathers lose courage and give up. Children need to find a father waiting for them when they come home after failing. They will do everything not to admit it, not to show it, but they need it. And not to find it opens wounds in them that are difficult to heal. Fathers are the irreplaceable guardians and mediators of faith through their goodness, justice, and protection.”

                                                                                                                                                 — Pope Francis


What Makes Families Work?

Pope Francis gives us good advice…based in the Virtues of Fatherhood.

Today’s Fathers are as varied as the Families they lead — biological, adopted, foster care, relatives raising grandchildren or siblings, as well as the single parent family.

And some of us are Spiritual Fathers…

Father Coomes SJ provides some complementary advice to Pope Francis on Fatherhood, Family, and Our Church…

The parent, or head of the household or Family, is called upon to be a good provider. The successful Family, regardless of its configuration, should be grounded in Harmony, Mutual Respect, Peace, and Unconditional Love.

The Father figure, again in any of the above configurations, is to Lead that Family with a Humility and Trust emanating from a God-centered Life. To make the monumental challenges of Family life livable, the need for Security, for True Love, and for Faithfulness within the Family is essential to making Families work. 


But there is a DIVINE DIMENSION…

Father Coomes solemnly reminds us that Parents will be held Accountable to God for the Souls of their Children, and that a Family CENTERED IN GOD endures their trials through HIS GRACE. That is why a Sacramental Marriage has JESUS AT ITS CENTER.

So, on this FATHER’S DAY, the father figure of YOUR FAMILY or YOUR HOUSEHOLD should Dedicate their Fatherhood to Saint Joseph, and Dedicate Their Children to the Blessed Mother as Their Protectress.


Fatherhood is a two way street…it brings with it the enormous Challenges of Endurance and Prudence…and an Obligation to Children.

Fathers must Deserve the Honor of their Children…through the Correction, Companionship, and Guidance they provide. The Virtues of Courage, Temperance, Honesty, Dependability, and Dedication are essential to carry out the responsibilities of Fatherhood in FAITH AND LOVE. The Silence of Disinterest can wound your child. And Words Said in Anger can NEVER be taken back.

As a Spiritual Father, sometimes I see something different…

Not every child experiences a Grace-filled Family, or the Idyllic Father of Saint Joseph or Pope Francis or Father Coomes.

Addictions, Career, Infidelity, Neglect, and Emotional Absenteeism can destroy a Marriage and Family…and emotionally, spiritually, physically, or psychologically Devastate a Child. Physical Abuse, Sexual Abuse, or Domestic Violence is REAL in these uncertain times. And the ISOLATION of COVID-19 is leading some Young Adults, some in these domestic circumstances as well, to contemplate SUICIDE.

Or maybe YOU WERE THE FATHER FIGURE to your younger brothers and sisters because of a Dysfunctional Family, a Refugee Family, or a Family Divided by Immigration.

On weekends such as this,  WE PRAY FOR YOU in three ways.

First, we pray for your earthly Father for their healing, for the repose of their soul, or for the others who may have experienced the same hurt as You.

Second, we pray for You as an  Abused Child, for your healing, and for your deliverance from what you experienced so you do not pass it on in the Fatherhood of Your Life.

Third, we pray in Thanksgiving to God for your LOVE to intervene in the life of your siblings or grandchildren and raise them with the TRUE LOVE of a Father.

God’s Providence in the Challenges of Parenthood may be difficult to comprehend. But His Providence is always a PROVIDENCE OF LOVE. When God Entrusts a Child to their Parents or someone in that Role, He bestows a DIVINE TRUST that is Very Dear to Him as they undertake a Special Work of Love in His Name.

Fathers, or Those in This Role, please entrust YOUR FAMILY AS IT IS EXPRESSED IN YOUR LIFE to the HOLY FAMILY and to the HOLY TRINITY.

May the Love of Mary, the Responsibility of Joseph, and the Inspiration of the Holy Spirit Place in Your Heart the Love, Guidance and Endurance to be the Light of Christ to THOSE WHO CALL YOU FATHER…