Good Friday

Father Ron’s Reflection for the weekend of December 29th, 2019:

Why does Jesus ask us to have the Faith of a Child?

Perhaps because he chose to ENTER OUR WORLD AS A CHILD. As the Son of God, he could have come to us in many ways…but he chose to come into this world as we do — WITH A MOTHER AND A FATHER and IN THE CONTEXT OF A FAMILY.


This is EXTRAORDINARY! Jesus Trusted Mary, His Mother and Our Mother,  to nurse him, to embrace him, and to love him. Jesus Trusted Joseph to protect him, to provide for him, and to love him. They did this in the most extraordinary of circumstance…not unlike the complex circumstances of the lives on many families today.

But they survived. HOW DID THEY DO IT?

They had FAITH IN THE UNKNOWN. They were GUIDED BY ANGELS…from the Annunciation to the Flight into Egypt.

They were PEOPLE OF FAITH. Mary’s Faith was formed by her years in the Temple where she developed a humility in relationship to God and an obedience to the will of God.  Joseph’s Faith was formed by his culture. As a devout Jew, he understood the Patriarchal Society and the role of the man as Husband and Provider.  He knew that without him a woman and child would become outcasts or wards of the community.

> Grave Hardship…a woman with child outside of marriage…a jealous king who wanted to murder his rivals.

> Light and Hope…the favor of God guided them and protected them in their darkest moments of embarrassment or physical danger.

> Charity…the Open Heart of Joseph was filled with love for God and for Mary.

> Indifference…the option of divorcing Mary quietly disappeared through the Divine Words of the Angel.

> Disbelief…never an option — ‘Be it done unto me according to your word’…’Flee to Egypt.’

> Apathy…impossible in the face of Mary’s and Joseph’s sense of duty throughout Jesus’ life — working as a family in Nazareth, then walking as a criminal to Calvary.

> Open Hands and Open Hearts…Mary went in haste to Elizabeth, and Joseph listened to Jesus in the Temple — a Faith lived through Trust.

> For Good…because like ALL CREATION, they are GOOD.

AND SO IT IS WITH US…in the Good Seasons and the Bad Seasons of YOUR LIFE, Jesus is there TO LEAD YOU, Mary is there TO PROTECT YOU, and Joseph is there TO INSPIRE YOU…


+May God Bless You and Keep You +

-Very Reverend Ronald W Cattany

Pastor and Rector