December 11, 2016 -- + May you and I grow in the patience of the Prophets as we REJOICE on Gaudete Sunday in preparation for the coming of Jesus through the gifts of healing, strength, courage, vindication, tolerance, charity, loyalty, and JOY...so that through his saving grace, and like John the Baptist, we may decrease as the presence of Jesus in us increases. + 

December 10, 2016 -- +May the spiritual power of Elijah and the purifying mission of John the Baptist turn my heart and your heart toward God...so that we may seek the graces to accept suffering and sacrifice in our journey with Jesus and to establish peace within families by reconciling parents with children as we prepare for the birth of Jesus. + 

December 9, 2016 -- + May the intercession of Saint Juan Diego provide to you and me the humility, faith, and perseverance to recognize the presence of Jesus in our midst...so that we are open to the power of God's will for our personal life as he unfolds our future -- teaching what is for our good morally and materially and leading us to a path that amends our ways, rather than one based in excuses and avoidance, as the mystery and wisdom of our salvation unfolds each day. + 

December 8, 2016 -- + May this Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception be for you and me a new beginning in holiness...so that we can respond as Mary, the New Eve, 'Be it done to me according to your word,' as God calls each of us to prayer and penance for ourselves and peace and conversion for the world knowing that nothing is impossible for him as we receive every spiritual blessing through His Son, Jesus -- the Son of Mary. + 

December 7, 2016 -- + May the intercession of Saint Ambrose, whose words moved Saint Augustine and whose writings call the human spirit to another world, inspire you and me to renew our strength through a faith that never succumbs to spiritual weakness...so that we may grow in the understanding that the yoke of life that Jesus places on each of us is right-sized to the mission he has given to each of us uniquely, and that any burdens will be compensated with the tools and graces to accomplish and endure that mission. + 

December 6, 2016 -- + May the intercession of Saint Nicholas open our hearts to the call of Jesus to grow in charity toward those truly in spiritual or physical need...so that when God Our Shepherd searches for us, in our helplessness and trust we, too, will be ready to be found and allow him to seek us, protect us, and patiently bring us home to his majestic glory and mercy. + 

December 5, 2016 -- + May you and I experience 'incredible things' as Jesus intervenes in our lives to forgive our sins and heal our physical and spiritual infirmities...so that when God comes to save us he will move us from the suffering, sorrow, death, and evil of a life without him to the joy and gladness found in the fullness of life lived in him.+ 

December 4, 2016 -- + May the gifts of wisdom, understanding, counsel, strength, knowledge, and fear of the Lord produce in you and me a justice that defends the dignity of the human person, seeks peace among nations, and fosters hope, harmony, and hospitality with others....so that the waters of our Baptism will move us to bear good fruit through the endurance and encouragement of the Spirit active within us. + 

December 3, 2016 -- + May the intercession of Saint Francis Xavier move you and me to compassion...so that as we experience the purification and pardon of God in our days of suffering and distress, we will grow in appreciation of the abundant gifts we have received from Jesus which we are now called to share without cost with others.+ 

December 2, 2016 -- + May we grow in a faith that opens our spiritual eyes to the light of the knowledge of God so that the Spirit of Jesus will move us from the emptiness and darkness of our sinful ways and troublesome times to an understanding of the holiness and joy found in hearts and lives fashioned through God's power and mercy. + 

December 1, 2016 -- + May our faith be built on a foundation of humility and trust in the Providence of God -- so that when we are buffeted by the trials of our daily battle, we will ground our days and our deeds in the justice, peace, and security of the Will of our Heavenly Father. + 

November 30, 2016 -- + May the astuteness of the Apostle Andrew, who discovered the Messiah in Jesus and pointed out the loaves and fishes which fed 5000, move our mouth to confess, our heart to believe, and our feet to deliver the Word of Christ through the commission we received in the waters of our Baptism. + 

November 29, 2016 -- +May God's Spirit move you and me to grow in the wisdom, understanding, and simplicity of heart to penetrate the Secret of Jesus and seek to do his work among the poor, afflicted, and those who lack hope.+ 

November 28, 2016 -- + May the faith of the good and compassionate centurion, whose humble words we remember when we receive Holy Communion, transform those individuals and nations consumed by discord, violence, judgement, and envy to faithfilled beacons of unconditional understanding, forgiveness, charity, and peace for all. +

November 27, 2016 -- + May the grace of this Advent Season be an awakening from the sleep of moral and ethical darkness into a new dawn where the Light of Jesus actualizes the peace among nations prophesied by Isaiah, and the purity and sincerity of intention and action preached by Paul, so that each of us will be taken by the Son of Man on the last day to the new and eternal Jerusalem. +