The Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception serves as the mother church for the growing faith community of almost 500,000 Catholics, in 144 parishes and missions spread throughout northern Colorado.

The Cathedral houses the kathedra, or chair, from where the Archbishop carries out his service to the Church of Denver as Teacher and Shepherd. Locally, the Cathedral Parish is a spiritual haven for over 700 households.



Monday - Friday:  6:30am & 11:30am

Saturday:  6:30am & 3:00pm

Sunday: 5:30pm


For SATURDAY 4:30 p.m. and SUNDAY Masses ONLY, free parking is available - but ONLY at the NUMBERED spaces at the Hall & Hall parking lots located at Logan Street across the Cathedral.

However, when events are held at Civic Center like Taste of Colorado, and Peoples' Fair, there will be NO FREE parking.

Mass times

Weekend Masses:
Saturday Evening Vigil: 4:30pm
Sunday8:30, 10:30am, 12:30pm & 6:30pm

Daily Masses:
Monday - Friday: 7:00am, 12:10pm, & 5:30pm
Saturday: 7:00 a.m.



May the Cathedral Basilica be a place of PRAYER for those seeking God's transformative power in their life.

A place of PRAISE through its liturgies and sacred music.

A place of PEACE for the People of Capitol Hill seeking refuge and spiritual formation.

And a place of PRESERVATION as its iconic spires point heavenly in unending prayer.

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Tax Statements will be mailed to Donors at the end of the Calendar Year



Father Ron's Daily Reflection

Sunday, Dec 2, 2017 - +May the Grace of this Advent Season, through the intercession of Mary and Joseph,  lead us to a faith that is not about certainty, but a faith that helps us live the uncertainties of daily life as we remain Watchful and Alert to the Second Coming of Jesus+

December 4, 2017 - +May the veneration of the saints through their trust, love, zeal, patience, and perseverance , fostered by Saint John Damascene, lead us to a centurion-like unconditional faith as instruments of compassion and advocates of reconciliation in this life as we seek the Eternal Peace of the Heavenly Kingdom+