Bosetti Sunday ConcertMarch 26, 2017 3:00PM

St. Bernadette Music Department

Julie Plouffe, Director, presents:

“Lenten Sketches”


The Lenten Sketches

Music by Joseph Martin


During this service, meditate upon the works of art, the narration of the scriptures, the prose and the music.  Let the Holy Spirit guide you and enlighten you with the grace to embrace the truth of Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior.


At the Foot of the Cross         

            D. Roudybush


Portrait of Grace

“Come and see His portrait of Grace.

Come and remember.”

Crown of Thorns        

            M. Cannon


Behold, the King of Zion Comes

“Redemption draweth near. Hosanna to the King. The promise is fulfilled.”

Triumphal Entry

            B. Jekel


Christ’s Example

            B. Jekel

From the Upper Room

“Take and eat this bread. This is my body.

Come and drink this wine. This is my blood.

This is my love. This is my life given for you.”

In Remembrance of Me

            W. Rane



Scenes from Gethsemane

“Father, let this cup pass by me.

Father, thy will be done.”

Gethsemane’s Prayer

            B. Jekel


Portrait of Christ with Soldier

            C. Bloch

Tableau of Sorrow

“Shadows crush His heart of grace. Who can tell what love unknown holds Him silent and alone.”

Road to the Cross

            B. Jekel


            W. Bouguereau




            W. Bouguereau


“Jesus rest your weary head, your work on earth is done.”

My Son, My Son

            D. Hahlbohm


Epilogue and Veneration of the Cross

Through the Eyes of Mary

            D. Roudybush


St. Bernadette Chamber Choir and Ensemble



Patricia Frank

Suzanne Patton

Andrea Sobczak



Misha Chivers

Julie Ludwig

Deanna Macri

Nichole Schreiner

Luxi Sosa



Theodore Foelker

Rob Hug

Jason Lee

Micheal Patton



Jerry Stravia


Cara Hubl clarinet

Erin Hubl trumpet

Katie Korejewo flute

Miki Goldwire violin


Gene Sobczak bass


Julie Plouffe Director/piano