Bosetti Sunday Concert

Feb 12, 2017

Lillian Rotello, director:

Notre Dame: “Joyful Noise” Adult Choir

Bring the One(s) you Love to this Valentine Christian Pops Concert!

Celebrate the love of God for us, Your love for the Savior, and Our love for each other!!

Great Is Your Love                                         Words and Music by Twila Paris Arr. Dennis Allen

Indescribable                                                   Words and Music by Laura Story Arr. And Orch by Michael Lawrence

How Deep the Father's Love for Us               Words and Music by Stuart Townend Arranged by Dennis Allen Orch Ed Hogan

Deep Deep Love                                             Words by herb Frombach Music by Lee Dengler

Love is the Touch                                           Words by Alison Robertson Arr Lori True

Song of the Lord's Command                        Words and Music by David Haas

Via Dolorosa                                                   Words and Music by niles Borop and Bill Sprague Arr by Tom Fettke

O Love of God/Amor De Dios                       Words and Music by Bob Hurd Choral Arr Craig Kingsbury

What Kind of Love is This                             Words and Music by Shawn Craig Arr by Russell Mauldin

Your Raise Me Up                                          Words and Music by Rolf Lovland and Brendan Graham Arr Tom Fettke


Lillian Rotello                                                 Director


Susie Backer                                                   Soprano

Justine Romero                                               Soprano

Roberta Sladovnik                                          Soprano

Kathy Telford                                                 Soprano


Teri Guerrero                                                  Alto

Susan Miller                                                    Alto

Barb Serpa                                                      Alto

Carol St Peter                                                  Alto


Rosanna Patron-Aurand                                  Pianist/Accompanist


Lillian Rotello has been the Director of Music and Bereavement Ministries at Notre Dame Church for the past 30 plus years.  She finished her degree in Music from the Metropolitan State University in Denver and is working on completing her certificate in Bereavement Ministry through the Center for Loss in Ft. Collins.  She received a Certificate in Liturgy from the Vincentian Institute for Pastoral Studies and has two years of Biblical School Training through the Archdiocese of Denver.  Lillian was a Vocal Performance major at UNC before she began her family, which consists of four children ages 36 -17 and seven grandchildren ages 10 to 1 month.   By far and away, her greatest love is that of her family, they are the heart and soul of her life's work.